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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge – Least Favourite Chore and Why

Hosted by Long and Short Reviews

A huge thank you to Lydia Schoch for introducing me to the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge being hosted by Long and Short Reviews.

This week’s prompt is Least Favourite Chore and Why.

It seems fitting that this is the first week I take part in this blog hop as there are about 2 days worth of dirty dishes in my sink that I keep saying I’m going to get done.

One thing about me is that I love spending time at home but I don’t like doing the household things like cooking or cleaning or doing the laundry. I just want the coziness of home, the watching TV or reading a book under a blanket, the having a nice big cup of tea on the patio while enjoying the beauty of the trees and flowers in the garden.

But chores? I hate all chores but I hate washing dishes the most.

I don’t have a dishwashing machine so I will let the dishes pile up until I no longer have any clean plates or spoons or mugs to use. Despite this, I have become the designated dishwasher at home because as much as I hate it, my fiance hates it more. (Match made in heaven, I guess. 😅)

I have tried listening to music or an ebook while doing the dishes but it doesn’t work.

The thing about washing dished that gets to me the most is when people don’t empty their plates before putting it into the sink. Then you have to touch wet, slimy food. Even worse if it’s something like a piece of bread! So gross.

What are your thoughts on household chores?


  1. I have a dishwasher but, the only downside to it is you can’t take a shower when it on.

    1. Why can’t you take a shower with it on?

      I’ve never had a dishwasher so I have no idea how it works.

  2. Hi!! I am new to the Blog hop also!! I am on my 2nd or third week. It’s lots of fun. I actually enjoy dishes but I do have a machine. It is not the greatest and requires everything to be rinsed 1st.

  3. Welcome! I find washing dishes kind of zen…. I’ve thought of many a story while washing dishes. It’s pretty much a mindless activity so I can fill it up. My post is here if you want to stop by.

  4. I don’t mind dishes so much, but I am doing my best to get the rest of the family trained to rinse their stuff off and not just drop it in the sink as-is. There are few things I hate more than realizing that three-day-old ice cream has now turned to concrete and hardened on a plate or bowl.

  5. In the days before we had a dishwasher, wife and I did dishes together, she washed I dried and put away. It’s amazing while doing this simple chore how much conversation you can have.

  6. You’re welcome. I’m glad you joined in!

    I must handwash dishes, too. That slimy food thing is awful.

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